Application - Performance


Application Performance Management (APM):

We provide solution for continuously monitoring and tracking the performance of business applications and the user experience of end users as they access the applications to understand trends, isolate anomalies, and get actionable insight for problem resolution and code optimization.


Network Performance Management (NPM):

We provide solution in Operations Management Suite that monitors network performance between office sites, data centers , clouds and applications in near real-time. It helps a Network Administrator locate and troubleshoot bottlenecks like network delay, data loss and availability of any network link across on -premises networks.


Backup Software:

We provide solutions generally support di erential backups and incremental backups in addition to full backups, The effect of these is to increase signi cantly the speed of the backup process over slow networks while decreasing space requirements. consolidating and modernizing your backup storage, you can provide a more efficient, cost -effective and scalable solution that grows with your organization.